Your Temporary Email


What is disposable/temporary email?


Email is often used to access various sites and services. It's the login to your social media accounts and other online areas of your life.

No matter what city or country you are in, you leave your personal data to access or view content, post comments or download something. Anonymous use, incognito modes, logging out of the account - these manipulations do not protect against privacy.

Usual electronic boxes store a huge amount of unwanted garbage - spam, mailings from stores, social networks and other people. Disposable email allows you to forever forget about spam and intrusive mailings in just two clicks. It is a useful tool for every web user to help protect your email from unnecessary information and stay safe.

At the same time, the basic principles of disposable email are preserved:

  • Ease of use
  • Storage of confidential data;
  • Processing speed.

Temporary email is a completely anonymous email address that does not require registration and transfer of personal data (IP address, proxy, etc.) and has a predetermined period of existence. After using the service, the temporarily created email self-destructs without saving your personal data and without transmitting it.


How to create temp email?

Anonymous disposable email does not require entering personal data. To use it, you just need to go to the site with the generation of temporary email. The received address can be copied or sent. Temporary mail is absolutely safe and legal to use, no pitfalls. On the contrary, in this format, complete anonymity is preserved for the client and the confidentiality of personal data is guaranteed.


What do you need to do to get a disposable/temporary mailbox?

  • Go to the site;
  • Select the generated mailbox;
  • Use the received email address on sites, applications and other resources.

No additional activation, no identity confirmations, no checks and no requests to provide personal data.


The generated mailbox can be freely transferred to acquaintances, colleagues, partners, indicated on sites or set for forwarding, for example, if you expect a letter from a loved one or from a resource important to you.


What are the advantages of using temporary email?


The main advantage of temp email is security. When creating an account, the service does not store personal data of its users. The data stored on the service are not decrypted and are not transferred to third parties, as they are in coded form.


The second advantage is anonymity. No registrations. All personal information and your IP address are deleted along with the email.


But the advantages of temp email do not end there:

  • Simple and fast. Go to the site and copy the prepared email address.
  • The possibility of one-time use. For example, if you need to quickly register or send an anonymous message;
  • The possibility of creating an unlimited number of disposable postal addresses;
  • Efficiency. All letters are at hand. For example, if you are waiting for an urgent letter, you can see it in a temporary storage on the site. New messages will wait for the user until they are read;
  • Reliability. Sending letters is maximally protected from prying eyes;
  • Privacy. The service does not collect personal data of users, does not store it and does not transfer it to other persons.

Why do you need a temporary email?


Temporary email is the best way when you need to save a permanent mailbox from unnecessary letters. Temp email may be needed by both ordinary users and business owners on the Internet.

Temporary email is most often used in the following situations:

  • Registration on various sites (for example, in social networks), public Wi-Fi points, various forums and blogs, where you can hide your real email;
  • Correspondence with other users while maintaining anonymity;
  • Registration on resources, in particular with a dubious reputation;
  • Registration in online stores. If your main email is flooded with messages with advertisements, mailings, endless discounts and unique offers, a temporary email will help to avoid this phenomenon;
  • The need to publish a comment or feedback while maintaining anonymity;
  • When filling out the questionnaire to receive a discount or discount card;
  • Testing of the chain of letters, subscription forms and integration in the mailing service;
  • For self-protection against spam and viruses;
  • Registration and use of multiple accounts at the same time. For example, one account is personal, and the other is commercial, to promote your goods and services;
  • For work activities. For example, to send instant messages as newsletters to partners;
  • To use gaming services. Most game developers require user registration. Temporary email allows you to use all the game features of your favorite games.

How to use temporary email?


Our temporary email is specially designed to provide you with maximum security and anonymity in the boundless space of the Internet.

No registration is required to use anonymous temporary email. You just need to select the generated address and enter it on the required resource. You do not need to enter any passwords, codes or confirmations.

After that, you can use and apply it for your personal needs.

When using our service, users' personal data is not collected or stored.

In addition, our temporary email is available on any device - phones, tablets, computers, laptops.

You can use temp email anywhere in the world and in any browser.

It is fast, efficient and safe. Just two clicks will provide you with a sense of anonymity and protection against hacking threats.